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This is where you can purchase the knitted creatures that have been designed and knitted by Joan, other knitted items that Joan has designed and a few that she has knitted from other patterns.  Joan has also dabbled in a number of crafts, and some of those creations are listed here too.

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Joan’s Story:

I’ve been knitting all my life, which by now is a fairly long one. Used to be that when I worked I knitted sensible things, like sweaters.
Then I wore them to work.

When I first got laid up with knee problems, I whiled away the hours on the CPM machine by learning to knit intricate lace. Then followed all sorts of lacy things, from doilies to Shetland shawls, to more sweaters. I still had eventually to go back to work, this time wearing lacy sweaters instead of intarsia and cabled sweaters.

Then I discovered Ravelry, (where my user name is JoansGarden) and Hansigurumi, whose creatures I just had to knit. By the time the hip went out, I was retired and had lots of time, although it never really seemed that way. The hip rehab was the start of Knitted Creatures. My first design was Doughty Dragon, and I’ve had such fun with it that I’ve just kept going and going, kind of like the Tenacious Turtle.

I now live in an absolutely beautiful and peaceful place in Southern Oregon, with mountains and wetlands all around, and a garden to potter in. I should add that I’ve been a gardener all my life too, and had some of my photos turned into post cards and greeting cards.

I get help with the knitting from my 3 cats, Sammy, Freddie and Buster, though I’ve got to say that Buster can be a bit of a hindrance when he weighs down my knitting arm, and I’ve got a husband who has finally, after all these years, realized that I’m always right (where is that ‘tongue in cheek’ emoticon?), so life is good.

If you are a knitter and want to try your own hand at a knitted creature, the patterns are for sale at JoansGarden on Ravelry


Sammy, Freddie, Joan and Buster knitting for KnittedCreatures

Sammy, Freddie, Joan and Buster