Terms & Conditions

Ahhh Terms & Conditions. I’m afraid there always has to be one of these pages…. please read.

All sales are final. Please choose carefully.

Should your item get damaged or lost in shipping please contact me using the contact form and we can work out what to do. DO NOT return any items without first contacting me. In the event that an item does get returned, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Any shipping, duty, tax, or importation fee or charge associated with an international return is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

Be aware that Knitted Creatures can be bent out of shape if they fall into the paws of  family pets, or into the hands of small children. Usually it is just a matter of bending them back into the right shape, but a claw can easily break the yarn.

Do not allow babies or small children to play with the creatures that have pipe cleaners as stiffeners. Although the ends are bent over to protect from sharp wire ends, they can poke through the knitting during play and could cause injury to unsuspecting babies and children.

No credit card information or names and addresses are stored on the KnittedCreatures website. All financial information is handled by PayPal.

Names are never sold or given to any other agency.